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miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Confes(s)ion(e)s: 6 Artists Working in Tijuana

Group Exhibition: Confes(s)ion(e)s: 6 Artists Working in Tijuana

Featuring: Mely Barragán, Miguel Fernández, Hugo Lugo, Mayra Hue
rta, Daniel Ruanova, Shinpei Takeda
www.jausart.comCurator: Marcela Quiroz
Dates:  July 23 to August 29, 2010 by appointment only
Opening Reception: Friday July 23, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Location: 11851 La Grange Ave, West Los Angeles
t: 424.248.0781  email:  web:

JAUS is pleased to announce the group exhibition Confes(s)ion(e)s: 6 Artists Working in Tijuana curated by Marcela Quiroz, featuring artwork by Mely Barragán, Miguel Fernández, Hugo Lugo, Mayra Huerta, Daniel Ruanova, and Shinpei Takeda.  Works include two separate installations by Fernández and Ruanova, conceptual photography by Huerta, works on paper by both Lugo and Barragán, and a site specific exterior vinyl floor intervention by Takeda.

In her curatorial proposal, Quiroz finds inspiration in the writings of Spanish philosopher, María Zambrano, who discusses the idea of a confession in relation to artistic practice.  Quiroz further elaborates, "The works in this exhibition wander the proximities of this confessed temporality searching to find that unity of life which would no longer need for words. In each piece exists something that has been already spoken, so the work of art becomes a means of perpetual disclosure of its needs. They interact in this almost-present temporal space, sharing with others who listen and receive its fragility. In spite of their 'non-confessable' nature, these works openly and nakedly share with the viewer textures that reveal themselves in their material renderings. Based on the assumption that there exists a ruptured yet undisclosed reality, a reality which remains obscured at the verge of confession, this exhibition confesses itself by reuniting works through the boundaries of this hidden reality-sharing in its (still) silenced origin the same small distance that exists between its (in)visible layers. Having found among the artists selected a common resonance in the urge to transform the irreducible category of that which calls itself "the truth" into a genre in crisis that needs to confess its downfalls and failures; this curatorial proposal acknowledges life when its present reality is distant even from the possibility of recognizing its own contours."